At the heart of the brand Adolf Bucher on the following rules: perfect quality, fair price and considerate attitude towards the customer.
The company's goal is to provide Adolf Bucher quality modern materials and tools to repair vehicles and other equipment to the Russian market.
Experience of over 10 years. During this time not only have contacts with the best suppliers in Europe and Asia, but also accumulated considerable experience and expertise to build a wide range of tools and materials needed to work in manufacturing and repair industries. The company is always up to date with all the latest developments, which allows timely display the latest products on the Russian market refinish materials.
One of the major principles of the company is consistency in pricing. Extremely important criterion is considered to offer a fair and final buyer the most advantageous price for the goods. Adolf Bucher company is always ready to provide the opportunity to discuss the most interesting modalities of cooperation.
Adolf Bucher offers a properly selected range of products in the form of the following materials for auto:
  • Protective materials for repair and painting;
  • Equipment and hand tools;
  • Personal protective equipment;
  • Universal napkins, acrylic tape.

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