The Corporation IWATA JAPAN has been providing the painting and vehicle repair specialists with the high-quality spray guns for thirty years. The IWATA products have brought the aero graphics up to the new development level as the tools by IWATA brand represent the perfect combination of reliability, quality and usability. Many world specialists have given their preference to the IWATA aerographs and spray guns.
The IWATA spray guns and aerographs are the products manufactured according to the Japanese unique technology. The quality of the applied materials together with the precise and accurate production of each separate part as well as the perfect final assembly makes the IWATA products as the highly reliable tools. The Corporation IWATA offers the products as follows at the today’s market: the spray guns, the aerographs, the service spare parts, and the repair kits.
The IWATA history highlights nearly eighty years of huge experience of the spray guns’ production having brought their manufacturing to perfection.
The IWATA spray guns differ by their efficiency and ergonomic design both as per the paint consumption (the coefficient of paint spraying onto the surface is sufficiently high) and as per the air consumption, at this the covering is exclusively qualitative. The unique design of the spraying nozzle specially developed in the laboratories ensures high efficiency. The LPH-series guns are certified by the Motor Insurance Repair Research Center in Thatcham (The Great Britain) confirming their correspondence to the HVLP-standard guns. The covering is of high quality ensured by uniformity of the sprayed paint as well as by the atomization high level.
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