«AUTON» - Production of " Polihim - Voronezh", specializing in the production of solvents for the automotive market, as well as aerosol products :
"Acrylic", metallic, enamel disc, primer, Autoluck, ANTIGRAVEL. Continuous improvement process , imported equipment, the best raw materials, continuous quality control , the output corresponding to modern requirements , "price and quality", years of experience have enabled products «AUTON» earn credibility large number of consumers.

Company LLC " Voronezh Polihim " was established in 1996. For 18 years we have built a strong position in the Russian market and have earned a lot of prestige consumers. Updating and improvement of technological processes and cooperation only with reputable suppliers. Allowed to adjust output, which has high consumer properties to modern standards. A clear understanding of the problem, knowledge of the characteristics of the market and team spirit, the continuous improvement of business processes and active regional policy allowed our company to take one of the leading manufacturers of technical solvents and aerosols. Our products knows practically all Russia - from Krasnodar to Tyumen.

Currently, the company has its own production base 1.5 hectares, 400 squqre meters office space and 3,000 square  meters production and warehouse. On the premises there is a tank farm for storage of solvents and propellant. Enterprise osnaschennonovym imported high- filling equipment. Created favorable conditions of work, it increases the production of culture, which affects the improvement of product quality.

Production includes:
- Manufacturing and packaging portion of mixed solvents;
- Plot manufacture aerosol cans;
- Manufacturing site for touch-up brushes;
- Plot manufacture PET and plastic packaging;
- Road Transport sector.

The logistics department is individual work with each client, attracting wholesale customers primarily care, reasonable prices and good work of the department. We are always happy to provide any additional information about our products.
Автоэмали, шпатлевки, грунты, лаки, аэрозольные эмали для автомобилей отечественного производства. Широкий ассортимент аэрозольной продукции, для кузовного ремонта и лакокрасочного покрытия автомобил Грунты, шпатлевки, лаки, аэрозоли, универсальные средства защиты кузова авто Автоэмали, шпатлёвки и грунты растворители, отвердители, лаки... Широкий ассортимент аэрозольных красок и лаков, технических аэрозолей автомобильного... Постоянное обновление оборудования, совершенствование технологических процессов и сотрудничество