The paintwork materials together with the COLOMIX enamels are manufactured at the factory Color located in Slovenia. This factory is a part of the Concern Helios manufacturing the products which correspond to all European quality standards. The COLOMIX car repair materials have been offered at the Russian market for a long time and they have a perfect reputation. Therewith, the Company expands its range of the goods with the new ones; at this the product developers take as the base the specific market demands of the car repair materials and of the most recent achievements of the technologies.

For instance, the COLOMIX Helios acrylic enamels are specified by high spreading capacity. Also, to achieve higher usability the formula of enamel dilution with the help of hardener is now 2:1 which is more convenient for a painter than the ratio 4:1, for example. It is very hard to follow strictly the precise accuracy when mixing the ingredients, and in case of lack of the one of the components such factors as long-term retention of glitter, quick drying of the painted surface, or durability against the environmental adverse effect might be deteriorated.

The COLOMIX acrylic enamels might be changed in color with the help of any mixing systems. Also, the assortment of the ready-made colors’ range of these enamels includes all required colors, which were applied to cover the GAZ and VAZ vehicles produced during the last ten years.

The COLOMIX acrylic enamels are applied to achieve higher durability of the car parts and surface as well as to finalize the car surface and to protect the car body against the environmental adverse effect.

It is recommended to use the COLOMIX 2K primer as the filling material for the acrylic enamels COLOMIX, and the COLOMIX 2K enamel as the final covering.
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