In 1938 Zygmund Edelstein the lieutenant colonel decided to embody the innovative idea: sell the car paints corresponding exactly to the initial manufacturer colors. He has launched his business in his garage having filled the well-known manufacturers’ paint bottles with retouch paints.

Edelstein was never satisfied with any products which was not enough perfect. His business activity was growing very fast and soon he opened his main office in Chicago.
Besides, Edelstein was a big connoisseur of art and this influenced the development of the Company Dupli-Color, its direction in the car paint market and the success, surely.
The Company Dupli-Color has the perfect reputation for the last sixty years in the area of the car paint retouching. The founder of the Company is still a pioneer in the world of the lacquer-and-paint products developed for the cars and trucks.

The paints of various purposes both for the cars and for the trucks are produced under the brand Dupli-Color. Nowadays, when the brand Dupli-Color is owned by the world-known concern Motip Dupli Group, they produce the materials which are more durable, easier-to-use and not aggressive to the environment. In the laboratories the new coating technologies are always developed, these technologies exceed even the customers’ demands. The developments and the use of these technologies allow the Company producing and selling the new innovative products to satisfy the today customers’ demands. The perfect bondability, spreading capacity, resistance and durability might be noticed as the distinguishing properties of the lacquer-and-paint materials Dupli-Color.

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