The Company Favoray produces the equipment, which is manufactured from the high-quality materials according to the most recent technologies. The Company’s location is in China. The perfect quality and reliability of the Favoray products is known for years. The Company’s products are featured by optimal ration of price and quality; it differs by fast servicing and provides with reliable warranty from the suppliers.

With the Favoray equipment you might considerably increase the quality and decrease the time of the car body repair works.
The infrared short wave drying machines produced by Favoray are computerized and easy-to-control.
The apparatus with multiservice functions are equipped with the LCD displays and auxiliary facilities.
The precision and spot welding machines might be used to repair the car bodies made of steel or aluminum. Also, the spare parts for the equipment as well as the accessories are provided.
All equipment differs by high efficiency.

For instance, the infrared short wave drying machine IR1 is equipped with a digital panel, infrared emitter, long-term infrared lamp whose service life is equal to 7000 service hours, two disconnecting timers, full heating and drying functions, previous heating and drying functions. The heating temperature is always stable, the reflector with accurate focusing is bright and wide, the two timers switching is momentary and fully computerized. The drying area temperature is even without underheating or overheating of the separate spots. The special-purpose lamps (short-wave) are designed to dry the enamel body paint, and the holder rotation is for 360 degrees. The lamp might be fixed along the whole tripod length and it is movable. Besides, there is the possibility to replace the tube, the lamp, the heater and to clean the reflector, which is solvent-resistant. The protective guard is removable.
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