General Paint

The lacquer and paint system General Paint includes the materials and the equipment designed to choose the colors as well as the paint materials for the car repair.
The quality and the structure of this system is traditional for the European manufacturers of the car repair materials. The components of the system GenRock are produced on the base of the organic compounds. The consumables are supplemented with the recent products, which volatile compounds’ level is accessible in Europe.

The system of color choosing comprises the mixing plant of Fillon, the balance of Sartorius, the color box, the program of formula search both on CD and on-line, the spectrophotometer X-rite and the very compounds (the basic and acrylic ones).

The color box comprises about 8000 colors and tints as the fan with the actual paint strips, which are produced manually at the factory General. The color box is regularly renewed.

The program of the formula search might be installed with the CD disk. It comprises about 65000 formulas. The program interface is developed as the standard search according to the manufacturers’ names or to the paint code. To search the newest formulas you might use the on-line version of the program at

The spectrophotometer X-rite Savant is a facility to identify the color and it might replace the color box by its functions. The spectrophotometer scans the colors under various angles, then it downloads the measurement results to the formula search program, and it offers the closest formulas comparing the mathematic parameters of the colors.

The consumables of the system General are as follows: the diluents for the base and acrylic materials, the elasticators, the primers 1K and 2K, the plastic surfaces primers, the HS and VOC lacquers and fillers.
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