The Company HAMACH was established in far 1964 and nowadays it is one of the most major manufacturers of high-end professional equipment designed for the preparation and paint works. Also, it is one of the world leading producers of the pneumatic and electrical professional equipment and its consumables.
Today the Company HAMACH offers a rather wide products’ assortment as follows: the polishing, grinding and dressing equipment, the industrial vacuum cleaners, the consumables, the various accessories for the paint works, the industrial systems of dust removal from the work area, and the completely equipped work stations.
HAMACH means the highest quality brand. The Company has been protecting its reputation from the beginning as well as the quality of its products; therefore the equipment is subjected to multiplex quality control and not to single-stage one during the assembly process.
Every last component is produced from the high-quality materials. When developing the new types of the equipment, the Company HAMACH always considers each requirement of the prospective customers. The equipment is featured by the extremely low level of noise and vibration. All tools without any exception are equipped with the dust removal system to maintain perfect cleanness. Also, the developers are concerned about safe work and therefore, the users are fully protected against possible electric injury.

The Company HAMACH might always offer any product necessary for you or for your car service center:
  • apparatus to wash the parts;
  • furniture for your tools;
  • abrasive paper;
  • infrared drying machines;
  • polishing, pneumatic and grinding machines of various modifications;
  • various grinding hand tools;
  • industrial vacuum cleaners, aerographs, spray guns;
  • dust-removal main systems;
  • grinding disks, special-purpose supports, trestle;
  • various benches and other appliances required during your paint works and qualitative car body repair.

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