ISISTEM is the program of the parts obtained good reputation at the market of the car repair materials. The Company IDEALE SISTEMA manufactures a wide range of the products for professional use. Every year the new products are sold under the brand ISISTEM owing to the achievements of the most recent technologies and to the market demands’ studies.

For instance, IPOLISH is a professional system designed to polish the lacquer and paint coatings, which provides with effective removal of the defects of the painted surfaces. IMASK is a car interior system as well as the personal masking of the car body. ITAPE is a paint band of high quality used during the car body repair. It is specified by high resistance against the breaks and by reliable adhesion. IGLASS is a whole system of the materials used during the car glasses integration.  It comprises the single compound polyurethane sealants and their auxiliary facilities.
The ISEAL line is a single compound sealant specified by fats hardening when used. It is applied when sealing the inner and outer joints of the car body. It is featured by high strength, adhesion and flexibility. ISEAL forms the reliable joints as fast as possible. It is used to seal and glue variable construction materials as follows: aluminum, glass, concrete, varnished metal, polyester, stone, wood and the others.
Бренд расходных материалов для авторемонта от компании IDEALE SISTEMA, UK... Более чем 700 наименований продукции для окрасочных, арматурных и кузовных работ... Целью компании Adolf Bucher является предоставлять качественные и современные материалы... Материалы и вспомогательное оборудование для покрасочных и кузовных работ... Оборудование для автосервисов и расходные материалы... Средства индивидуальной защиты, профессиональные протирочные материалы, средства гигиены… Материалы для покрасочных работ, защитные материалы для использования при автомобильном ремонте... ProGlass предлагает широкий ассортимент из инструментов для замены автомобильных стекол...