The Company Kovax Japan is engaged in manufacturing of the abrasive materials, which are widely used in ship building, automotive industry, wood treatment, polishing and art processing. The Company was established in the capital of Japan Tokyo in 1930. After, the affiliate company was founded in Europe in the city of Enschede, the Netherlands. The Company Kovax is the Asian leader of its branc owing to a wide assortment of the products, which is specified by reasonable ratio of price and quality, and the European affiliate company is also aimed to this objective.
From the very beginning, the Company Kovax regularly invests into development of its production capacities and of the recent technologies. So, the innovation results of the grinding process are the high-quality products of Kovax. Owing to the special-purpose base, the KOVAX abrasives are specified by high durability saving the customers’ time and expenses. The use of the special mineral abrasives provides with perfect surface after grinding and polishing.
The Company ensures the timely supplies offering the reduced prices for the products. Besides, a wide assortment of the products ensures the possibility to offer the right product for separate grinding process.
The reasons of the successful activity of the Company are the following concerned facts:
- The most complete assortment at the market
- The durability and reliability is over the middle level against the other brands of abrasives
- The time saving is 50%
- The issues’ flexibility compatible with the separate customers’ demands
- The high level of the after-sales servicing together with good technical support
- Fast delivery up to 12 o’clock of the next day at the domestic market
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