The brand Matequs® produces the materials for the painting works, the tools and consumables to work with the electrical equipment, the noise insulation, the car repair protective materials, the sealants and the glues.

The Corporation Matequs was founded in 1953 in Hertford (USA). First, the Company was named as the American Sealants’ Corporation. The founders of this brand produced only one product, the unique liquid adhesive resin hardened without air.
Nowadays, the staff of the Corporation Matequs amounts up to more than 4000 employees, and it owns the centers in 80 countries. The Corporation Matequs manufactures and distributes a wide range of the glues, sealants and coatings of high technology almost all over the world.

The cars, the computers, the vacuum cleaners, the aircrafts, the CD players, the loundspeakers, the cosmetics, the pressure guns are a few products manufactured owing to the materials of Matequs. Also, the Corporation is engaged in manufacturing of the complex equipment used to assemble the sealant guns as well as the sprayers.
Not long time ago the professional kit for the windshields with the accessories in a plastic case was introduced on the base of eight years experience. Mostly this kit is useful to repair the splits and the cracks. The kit includes a CD disk with detailed operating instruction.
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