Mobihel Helios

Nowadays the Company Helios is the major manufacturer of the lacquers, aminiplastics and synthetic paints in Europe. The Company Helios has launched the production of the paints in far 1924, and its car painting products (repair and conveyor painting) have been known the last 25 years. Also, in parallel with the car repair product group of MOBIHEL™ the Company HELIOS manufactures such products as follows: the paints to mark the roads, the corrosion protective paints, the aminiplastics for building, the domestic resins, the lacquer-and-paint materials for the household appliances, for the car industry, the impregnating agents and lacquers for wood processing and woodworking industries. Also, the major part of the HELIOS MOBIHEL products is private customer-oriented especially this concerns the car repair products.

The МОВIНЕL™ product range includes the following: the secondary primers, the standard primers, the fillers for minor and primary leveling, the mixing systems for finish coats (two-pot acrylic enamel body paint MOBIHEL М1Х,  single enamel body paint MOBIHEL М1Х, double-layer primary mix MOBIHEL).

A wide color range of the ready-to-use acrylic enamel body paints MOBIHEL 2К, the enamel body paints MOBIHEL™, the bases of metallic colors MOBIHEL™ is always available. Also, there are the catalysts, the diluents, the hardeners, the cleaning agents (as the diluents and the HYDRO system), the acrylic two-pot clear lacquer, the mixing plants, the auxiliary equipment, the materials to protect the car bottom, and the coats for the plastic parts.
The Company Helios follows carefully the changes of the customers’ tendencies and expands its sales programs due to the new products of high quality developing in parallel its own formulas for the new tints of the car paints.

The Company MOBIHEL™ produces the two-pot enamel body paints on the base of the diluents, the most resistant pigments, acrylic resin and auxiliary materials. Such enamel is features by high mechanical and weather resistance, fast drying and yield to immediate repainting. This enamel might be applied for finish coating of the bodies of the trucks, autobuses and other metal objects as well as for car repair. You might choose the right color with the help of the ready-to-use color chart Т50009 or 16926. Prior to coat the surface with the enamel it is required to grind it, clean, degrease and dry.
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