Nowadays the Company NOVOL is the major manufacturer of the paints, lacquers, polyester fillers and primers in Poland for the last 25 years. The formulas used to produce the products are carefully verified. For this, the Company NOVOL maintains a whole research center. The used product base is supplied by the world-known and reputable manufacturers, such as BAYER and BASF. All NOVOL products are certified according to the international standards (the ISO 9001 certificate). Also, NOVOL carefully controls the production process from projecting to sales followed by after-sales servicing.

NOVOL puts on the market a wide range of the products: the primers, the protective and anticorrosion materials, the fillers, and the lacquers. Also, it produces the materials designed to repair the cutters and the yachts, to produce the self-aligning floors.

The NOVOL fillers are all-purpose ones able to cover any surface: galvanized surface, plastic, steel, aluminum, wood and the others. It is featured by high flexibility as well as it is resistant to any temperature drop, vibration and it is easy to be processed.
The NOVOL primers are able to cover any surface due to the high adhesive capacity. It is produced in wide color range. Besides, these primers include the anticorrosion additives therefore they satisfy a wide requirement range to treat the car surfaces. The special primers are developed for such surfaces as galvanized steel, alloys and plastic.

The NOVOL lacquers are specified by perfect transparency and adhesion capacities. Also, their formulas include the additives protecting the paint under layers against the ultraviolet rays, i.e. against burning-out. Such lacquer is easy-to-polish and resistant to any mechanical impact.

The NOVOL diluents match perfectly the paints of many European manufacturers. The diluents assortment is rather wide depending on the required drying time.
The NOVOL auxiliary materials comprise the polyurethane sealants (to cover the seams and welded joints), the liquid resins (to protect the car sills, wing arches and the bottom against mechanical damages), and the plasticizers.
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