SATA company is a manufacturer of painting equipment, which is accepted by experts worldwide. Export share part of production is more than 70 % of the total output production. In 2001 SATA entered to the top 100 most successful mid-sized companies in Germany. The company has a rich history, and in 2007 celebrated its centenary.
By working together with Varnish who work in trade and industry, as well as with the development departments of leading manufacturers of varnish, the company manages to produce the highest quality products. Distinctive features of SATA products are reliability, durability and ergonomics. With this set of characteristics in Varnish formed persistent expression: "SATA- best quality."
As is known, the market for servicing cars is the market with the highest demands for the painted surface - just can not do without products SATA. In Germany and many other countries SATA is a leading manufacturer of spray guns.
In the assortment matrix SATA include: spray guns several different series pistols to perform airbrushing and design work, removable nozzles, accessories and various accessories.
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