Sia Abrasives

Nowadays the Swiss Company Sia Abrasives Holding AG is the most major European manufacturer of the abrasive materials. Its experience in development of the efficient technologies of the abrasive processing of the surfaces is more than 125 years. The advanced management approaches together with clear understanding of the market requirements, i.e. the customers’ demands, which were obtained as a result of the marketing studies performed by the high-skilled specialists formed the experience of the Company. All these stages favor the commercial success of the Company; therefore every year Sia Abrasives Holding AG expands successfully the sale volumes of such products as the Sia abrasive materials.

The Company was established in far 1875 when it was engaged in production of the grindstones and grinding paper at the factory located in Frauenfeld (Switzerland). In 1914 the Company Swiss Industrial Abrasives or simply Sia specialized in production of the abrasive materials was opened. In1968-1970 the Sia production divisions and representative offices were established in Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Belgium, and France. In 1995 the Sia representative office was founded in Austria and USA. The holding company Sia Abrasives Holding AG was founded in 1998. In 2001 Sia Abrasives Holding AG was divided into the structural subdivisions as follows: Sia Microtec specialized in production of the abrasive materials for the precision processing, Sia Abrasives engaged in basic production of the abrasive materials, and Sia Systems Engineering Services engaged in development of the technologies and methods of the abrasive treatment.

Surely the abrasive materials on the base of film, fabric, paper, fiber and the abrasive grains fixed on the base with an adhesive are the most part of assortment of the Sia products. Depending on the work and surface type, the abrasive grains made of silicon carbide, garnet, aluminum oxide or other are used.
The product assortment of the Company Sia Abrasives Holding AG is always expanded due to the recent production technologies and science-and-research works, and as a result70% of the products is exported into 80 countries.
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