SIRO has been operating for more than 50 years as a manufacturer of industrial enamels as well as body shop products.

In the late 90’s SIRO launched its SIROMIX industrial tinting system, gaining an important success in product quality and colour constancy. After 10 years, the SIROMIX water base was launched: it was one of the first system in Italy for industrial products.

SIRO has been one of the first manufacturers of industrial enamels to obtain ISO 9001 quality system certification from DNV-GL.

SIRO lab is a real Polyphemus cave in which five chemists conduct a series of continuos tests concerning:

  • Production control according to quality certification
  • Tinters calibration
  • New pigment and resin tests
  • Customer claims check
  • Mechanical and chemical resistance tests

ISO 9001 quality system includes strict procedures concerning the different products batches controls. Quality and results consistency is within the range of established values. Our laboratory continues the search for new colour formulas required by customers. It also inspects the constant updating of our SIROMIX tinting system.

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