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Акция на абразивные материалы Kovax. 30.07.2020 740 Керамическая линия 27.07.2020 Набор для вклейки автостекол Iglass Normal 27.07.2020 Электрическая полировальная машинка Kovax Proma-X 150 мм 23.07.2020 Акция на абразивные губки KOVAX! 17.07.2020 Акция! Малярная лента ICAR. 14.07.2020 Пневматический пистолет для герметиков ISISTEM IGUN 17.06.2020 Абразивные рулоны и отрывные листы SMIRDEX 135 Abrasoft 15.06.2020 лак ICAR PRIME 5100 HS 2К 2+1( комплект 0,85л + 0,425л) 09.06.2020 Лак G7200 2K VOC 03.06.2020 Вниманию оптовых покупателей! Правила отгрузки заказов. 05.04.2020 General 2010 Colorbox Updates 27.03.2020 New General! 26.03.2020 GenMix Software Upd ate 05.02.2020 Seminar: Innovative Application of KOVAX Products in Automotive and Woodworking 29.01.2020
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to you! 30.12.2019 General 2010 Colorbox Updates 24.12.2019 Our company at WOODEX 2019 06.12.2019 Our company at MITEX 2019 05.12.2019 Discontinued GenRock Product! 06.08.2019 Invitation to Kovax workshop 27.06.2019 Updates for 2010 color box General 04.06.2019 Smirdex Abrasive Products 24.04.2019 New color range for Hyundai vehicles! 16.04.2019
New! SIRO Painting System For Metal And Other Surfaces 23.11.2018 Updates for 2010 color box General 21.09.2018 New from KOVAX! Electric Random Orbital Sander PROMA-X ELECTRIC 150 20.09.2018 New from General Paint 21.08.2018 Addition to ISISTEM product range 20.08.2018 New from ISISTEM 28.06.2018 General Paint Product Range Expansion 26.04.2018 New from ICAR! 28.03.2018 New! 01.03.2018 Updates for 2010 color box General 28.02.2018
Let us wish you Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! 29.12.2017
Happy New Year 2017! 29.12.2016 Innovative Kovax Products Workshop: Photo Report 25.11.2016 9th Moscow International Tool Expo MITEX 2016 07.11.2016 Photos from InterAuto 2016 01.09.2016 12th International exhibition of automotive industry InterAuto 24.08.2016 Opening the Croco Technical Center 24.03.2016
Incredible discounts on Favoray. New Promotion! 21.12.2015 Promotion! Buy KOVAX abrasive products, and get an ITOOLS sander for free! 01.06.2015 ITOOLS Product NR IT-NUTRUN-KIT 21.04.2015 IGUN: New! 08.04.2015 ITOOLS sanders, long-awaited and finally available! 11.03.2015
"CROCO" Company announces the availability of new products by brand ISISTEM. 08.07.2014 New goods in General’s product line. Lada colorbox. Components colorbox. General GR599 aluminum. 30.06.2014 Action! Kovax World Cup 2014 09.06.2014 New site’s design of Kovax brand 03.06.2014 Seminar by company «IDEALE SISTEMA» about brand products ISISTEM 29.05.2014 Giving away essential prizes! Action! 22.04.2014 New abrasive pulp-based - Kovax TRI-PRO 20.03.2014 Expanding the range of abrasive disks - NEW CLOTH-X-ZIRC Velcro dia 125 mm 635 series 17.02.2014
Photos from InterAuto 2012 26.09.2012 The 8th International exhibition InterAuto 2012 01.09.2012
A seminar on the theme: "Useing of abrasive materials "Kovax" in repair of cars". 22.11.2011 The Moscow International Tools Exhibition MITEX-2011 has finished 11.11.2011 Moscow International Tools Exhibition MITEX-2011 08.10.2011
The 6th International Automotive Exhibition INTERAUTO 25.08.2010 The preparation for the exhibition Interauto-2010 is finished 24.08.2010 Start of the sales of the products of the Italian manufacturer Sprint ICR 01.07.2010