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New site’s design of Kovax brand

Updated site’s design of official representation Kovax in Russia - www.kovax-japan.ru
We glad to see you on the upgraded site kovax-japan.ru! In addition to external changes, was reorganized structure of the site, posted and available to download additional technical materials. It makes work with site more simple and efficient.
The catalog is updated assortment of products Kovax, which is represented on the Russian market. Online product catalog is divided by line, for convenience, you can use a special form of finding the necessary products.
Kovax Company thanks you for your interest in us and hope for fruitful cooperation!
"CROCO" Company announces the availability of new products by brand ISISTEM. 08.07.2014 New goods in General’s product line. Lada colorbox. Components colorbox. General GR599 aluminum. 30.06.2014 Action! Kovax World Cup 2014 09.06.2014 New site’s design of Kovax brand 03.06.2014 Seminar by company «IDEALE SISTEMA» about brand products ISISTEM 29.05.2014 Giving away essential prizes! Action! 22.04.2014 New abrasive pulp-based - Kovax TRI-PRO 20.03.2014 Expanding the range of abrasive disks - NEW CLOTH-X-ZIRC Velcro dia 125 mm 635 series 17.02.2014