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The preparation for the exhibition Interauto-2010 is finished

Dear Customers and Partners,

The Croco Company has finished the preparation for the exhibition Interauto-2010, which is to be held from 25 to 29 in August, 2010 within the framework of the Moscow Automobile Salon 2010 (Moscow, CROCUS-EXPO). 

The new products for the professional car body repair, the most popular new products from the company ICR Sprint as well as the new products of General™ are to be exhibited during the event. All comers are invited to see our booth. We send the invitation tickets to the first 100 requests. To obtain the invitation ticket it is required to send the request having indicated the post address to our e-mail or use the feedback form. 

The feedback form is at the page (About us) in the section (Contacts)

Best regards, 
Croco Company
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