“Russkie kraski” - company whose business is production of paints and varnishes . The main products that the company produces are coatings for primary coloring and car repairs . Company "Russkie kraski" cooperated with companies such as Akzo Nobel, DuPont, Herberts, BASF, which greatly influenced the development of several generations of paints . Company “Russkie kraski" has an integrated quality management system that meets international standards ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001. In June 2008 certified company specialized automotive standard ISO 16949.
In the heart of the complex production and sales company “Russkie kraski" are the production of automotive refinish coatings and a wide array of species. During the production of high-quality refinish materials Vika work is carried out exclusively by highly qualified personnel with the most modern technology and using modern manufacturing and warehouse equipment.
System Vika - car repair system consisting of a full range of paints for professional and non-professional car repair domestic and foreign production . Badged Vika go high-tech materials for the preparation and staining of the surface ( acrylic enamels and clears , acrylic hardeners, acrylic thinners).
Материалы и оборудование для подбора цвета, расходные окрасочные материалы для авторемонта... Компания производит промышленные эмали, а также материалы для авторемонта. Автоэмали, шпатлевки, грунты, лаки, аэрозольные эмали для автомобилей отечественного производства. Автоэмали, шпатлёвки и грунты растворители, отвердители, лаки... Грунты, защитные и антикоррозийные средства, шпатлевки, лаки... Под маркой Vika выходят высокотехнологичные материалы для подготовки и окрашивания поверхности...